Our Completed Projects

Just a few of our recently completed projects. 


Prince Evans Solicitors

We worked with Prince Evans Solicitors on their recent rebrand. Redesigning the branding, website and all marketing materials. 


South West Alloys

As a new company in the area South West Alloys wanted to launch a campaign to get much more local awareness, however they didn't know where to start. We worked with them to plan this campaign and execute it. Growing them their reach and following on social media by over 400%. We also assisted on adding SEO friendly content to their website.  


Alibi Live

As new up and coming function band were simply needed a website to share and promote their music and videos in order to get bookings. We worked on designing a website that did exactly that. 


Capitol Motown Soul Band

Just a simple site instantly showing their audience the quality of their live performance. With easy navigation to their current set list and contact information. The video content they already had really influenced the design of this website. 


April House - Weybridge

April House were not happy with their existing website and it's functionality. We worked with Nuala to mimic the elements of her website that she did like whilst adding new features and usability for her.


Dormouse Cottage

Elaine from Dormouse Cottage was looking to update her website and launch a social media campaign. We did a full redesign on her website, adding the ability for her customers to book online instantly and provided her with training to manage her social media accounts successfully. 


Dendrow International

Dendrow were looking for a website with more options. Moving their website to Wordpress meant they could add features none of the other estate agency web designers were doing. Most of the web companies working for estate agencies are working from very restricted templates that don't leave much room for helping you stand out from the crowd. This project took time and patience to know exactly what features we wanted to utilise / create. Ending with a beautiful new website that truly stands out. 


Luxurious Lawns

Luxurious Lawns had been on social media for quite some time and really built a great following, but they had missed the initial brand development and website creation. We worked with them to create a simple brand and stylish website to suit what they had already started on social media. 


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